Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing

Below, you will find the most common FAQs about Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing. Briefly, Countertop Resurfacing avoids the expense and hassle of replacing your countertops to achieve a new look. Refinishing of your countertops can be completed in one day and ready to use the next day after curing. The results are comparable in appearance to a new, fully replaced countertop as seen in the photograph below, a picture of one our recent countertop resurfacing jobs.

Black Granite

This is a resurfaced countertop that now looks like granite!

What is Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing?

Are there any seams in the new surface?

Does my sink have to be removed?

How do you change the corners?

How long before I can use the countertop?

How long do you guarantee the new surface?

How tough is the new surface?

If I damage the new surface, can it be repaired?

What do you do with the backsplash?

What if I set something hot on the surface?

Why and what should I consider before resurfacing my kitchen countertops instead of replacing them?

Isn’t Granite the best countertop option?

What is an affordable alternative to Granite Countertops?

Still have questions about countertop resurfacing? Mr. Resurface is here to help! Feel free to call us toll free at 866-833-1743 or contact us online today.

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