Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing

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Would you like the look of granite, marble, or corian without spending the $45 or more a square foot it costs to install such solid surfaces?

MrResurface LLC offers the finest Kitchen Countertop resurfacing options in Connecticut for just $29.99 a square foot. We will transform your existing laminate/formica countertop into a solid surface countertop that will be free of seams for water to leak into and for dirt to grow bacteria.   For about half the cost of replacing the counter with another solid surface option you can transform your existing laminate-formica countertop into a solid surface countertop that simulates granite, marble or corian.

Our solid surface is acid proof and non-porous, thus it never needs to be resealed again like traditional stone countertops. After checking out the countertop resurfacing faqs and seeing the countertop video and countertop photo gallery, please go to the “Schedule an Estimate Consultation” link to transform your kitchen countertop into a solid surface today.

Wood Cabinet Refacing

If you have wood cabinets and would like to have them resurfaced, please go to my associates at and ask for Corrine.