Bathtub and Tile Refinishing CT

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You can purchase a new bathtub at any home improvement store for less than $200 but the reality is this: when you factor in the cost of the demolition, structural repairs, a plumber, a tile contractor, your new bathtub cost will be $2500 or more. By hiring a professional who specializes in refinishing bathtubs you can save up to 70% versus the cost of replacement. For reglazing prices for standard size tubs click here for an email estimate. or call 203-578-5260 for an estimate over the phone.

Has your bathtub and tile lost its shine? Have you found them increasingly difficult to keep clean? Or are the colors outdated? We can help! We can refinish your porcelain or fiberglass bathtub right in place in just a few hours. The same reglazing can even be done with your ceramic tile. And we can change the color to almost any color of your choice. The new reglazed finish is very glossy and extremely hard, giving it a beautiful appearance and making the cleaning so much easier.

Most bathtubs and tile can be refinished in one day. Here’s how the process works. First the tub surface is cleaned, then etched to remove the gloss and shine.  Next an adhesive no etch primer is applied to the tub and tile (etching in addition to the no etch primer creates a stronger bond to the porcelain than not etching the tub or just using a bonding agent). This is the most important step this sets apart reglazing from just painting a bathtub.  Without the proper adhesion, the finish will not last.  Once that has set we apply our glaze, which gives your tub and tile a high gloss finish in a new color.  We use an acrylic urethane and not an inferior epoxy coating.  The new reglazed finish will sparkle, making cleaning so much easier.

The final product is a durable reglazed, modern looking finish.

How does bath-tub refinishing compare with the plastic bathtub inserts that are being offered today? Usually reglazing is about 60% less than the cost of an insert. And with refinishing, you never have to worry about water getting trapped between the insert and your original tub, causing mold, mildew and a horrible odor. Also with inserts, their removal can be very expensive once they’re worn out, whereas with refinishing there is not the expensive $1000 plus removal cost.

If you need tile repair work or tile re-grouting before having your tile reglazed please click here

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