Tub and Tile Reglazing CT

Do you need to see my bathtub?

Is the Price too good to be true?

Have you and can you see samples of the work?

Is the Refinisher Local?

How Long Have They Been in Business?

I’ve received quotes from a couple hundred to a thousand dollars to reglaze a tub, is there a difference in quality?

Can I just use a tub refinishing kit and refinish my own tub?

Can you change the color of my tub & tile?

Does my drain have to be removed?

How long before I can use the new finish?

What if my tub was refinished before?

What if I Have Shower Doors?

How does this compare with a bathtub liner?

Can you fix a crack in my fiberglass tub?

How long will the reglazed surface last and is it guaranteed?

What should I use to clean the new finish?