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Welcome to   My name is Ernest Staton Jr. and I have have been refinishing since 1996.  I’m centrally located out of Wolcott/ Waterbury and service most of Connecticut.  I do all the jobs for my company, so there is no guess work involved with what you will receive when It comes to quality of service.  I am not a franchise and take pride in each job I do myself. Feel free to browse my website by checking the links at the top and side of the page. Click to read Testimonials

Sending me pictures of your tub and tile is the best way for me to get you a price quote quickly.  I usually respond within a day.  Kitchen counter pictures should have the measurements also. Text pictures to 203-578-5260 or email to .   With pictures,  please let me know where in Connecticut the job is located with your message, make sure I can see the whole job, for example the top of the tile, if a tile reglazing quote is requested.  If you know that your tub has been coated or reglazed before, please indicate that in your message as I would need to strip off the old finish so I can reglaze the tub properly for you.

Please give me a 2-4 week lead time to schedule your job.  Please factor that into your project if you want to use my services.

Text or email is the best way to reach and communicate with me. A phone call at 203-578-5260-Click now to call is welcome too!

I only use the best materials available to me to reglaze your tub or resurface your kitchen countertop.   Many of my customers have found the 70 plus reviews I have on Angie’s List to help them choose me to do the job for them.  Angie’s List is a great way to know what type of service you will receive before choosing a contractor for a job.  Angie’s List prevents any company from hand picking referrals,  as Angie’s List reviews are written without any consent from the company that did the work.  If the company does a good job, a customer will write a good review.  I can’t write my own reviews as is not the case with other reporting agencies.

With tub refinishing, there are short cuts that can be taken to cut the price below where it should be to do the job right.  I don’t take any of these shortcuts.  Shortcuts such as not using a primer, or not etching the tub, or not using the proper material can be hid from the customer.  Epoxies from do-it-yourself kits, over the counter paints, or automotive paints should not be used to reglaze tubs.  Only an acrylic urethane that is specifically made for the tub refinishing industry should be used.   All refinishing companies do not use the same techniques.  40 percent of the tubs I do are stripping and redoing tubs from other companies that were not done right the first time.

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Countertop Resurfacing Special

Turn your existing laminate Kitchen countertop into a solid surface for $1,000.00

35 square foot minimum. ($1,000.00 Starting price for any size countertop resurfacing job, $30 for each square foot over 35)

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Our Services

We specialize in Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing and Bathtub and Wall Tile Reglazing in the Bathroom. Change your existing laminate/formica kitchen countertop into a solid surface simulating corian, marble or granite. Get your old bathtub and tile that have lost their shine or are the wrong color reglazed (refinished) in white or another color.

It's the easy way to renew your bathroom or kitchen without breaking the bank. If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you should consider how much money resurfacing your kitchen countertop and bath-tub and tile could save you.

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